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Photos of Erika Ryann before a show at The Skylark in Denver.

It’s time to accept things and learn to shoot digital…

50 Plays

"Bullshit Love" by Scott Rudd

from Lonely Life, self-released in 2010

I chose “Bullshit Love” because it stuck out so prominently as the single track most noticeably different from the rest of the album. Singles of this nature are often the most fun to present as introductions to a new artist, purely because they direct the mind in one direction, only to be more significantly shifted upon experiencing the entire record; it’s a misdirection, a (slightly-misleading) fragment removed from context, which creates expectations that are often defied. In this particular case, the “payoff” from the record as a whole is incredible; Lonely Life is a gorgeous piece, one that deserves patience and solitary listening. Scott Rudd is a New York musician (often boxed into that city’s anti-folk movement), and its exactly there that I imagine myself when I listen to this record: in Alphabet City, wandering on a grey, delving day, alone in search of something intangible; lonely in a crowd of millions.

When asked about the song, Scott answered with what felt like common sense: “At the time I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and I had a lot of things floating around in my head. I think that song is really just about my frustrations with looking for love, finding love and losing love.”

Scott Rudd is also a photographer whose work I admire (LOOK).

Here’s a collection of demos he recorded in 2011:

He also emerged for the first time this year to release a new single last month:

Two Gallants: Holga Portraits

(click the frame for the continued gallery)

Two Gallants

Hi-Dive 9.2.11

Holga 120N w/ Flash

T-max 400

This show contends to be the best of the year for me. The fact that I got so many clear frames is a near miracle; the crowd was far and away the rowdiest I’ve ever seen at the Hi-Dive, reminiscent of a good crust punk house show. This entire roll was shot from the hip as a war swelled on either side of me.

Also, for clarification, that is in fact the set-list written in sharpie on the back of Adam Haworth Stephens’ hand. I think that frame would make a perfect album cover (and it’s already square).

For continued clarification, read our Field Report.

Z. Saint James

Nope Fun Interview


“I was born in a city and raised in a swamp. I’ve been homeless in The North, fed and laid to bed in The South. I exhausted that eastern coast and couldn’t stand to rot with it anymore, so I am now making that great American movement west. As of this paragraph, I am in Colorado; I am no longer homeless; I am still hungry. I often forget the places I’ve met and the people I’ve been, so I sometimes keep a plastic camera in my pocket.”-his (my) writeup”

I recently did an interview with Nope Fun and it was published today. I’m actually a little disappointed with the selection of photographs chosen but what can I say? I took and published the fucking things online, so, in the end, that’s my own fault. Regardless, here it is: Z. SAINT JAMES on NOPE FUN

Seriously though, I need to clean up my Flickr account

Strangely, upon initial publication it also included this photograph, taken, along with most of the selections, on a Vivitar PN2011 fake-panoramic pocketcamera, one of my favorites to travel with (why it was replaced, I don’t know):