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Whiskeyflowers: An Autumnal Folk Tape

Thinking I saw Her face in so many choking crowds in so many weather cities; Thinking I knew her eyes in so many half-lit rooms in so many forgotten buildings. To have believed in Her so many times before such an unnoticed, orange-autumn morning. An unswept courtyard, a detuned piano, and a mutual curiosity.

The fall brings a renewed sense of purpose, another beginning before death. So, comes the patience of making a mixtape, albeit a short one.

The mixtape series is once again.


"Small Hands" - Keaton Henson
"My Silver Hand" - Case Studies
"Barbara Anne" - King Dude
"Name In Stone" - Dead Man’s Bones


"Dreamer" - Tiny Vipers
"Holiday" - Julie Byrne
"Sorry With A Song" - Josh T. Pearson
"Bonfire" - Strands of Oak

October Folk Mixtape

Drapeaux Rouges is proud to announce our new Mixtape Series. The first is inspired by the changing weather, by the dying of the leaves.

A Side:

1. “Alone With The Beast Folk” by Birdengine

2. “Subtle Strains” by Jonquil

3. “Dead Deer & Other Animals” by Thanksgiving

4. “The Wreck Is Not A Boat” by Sons of Noel and Adrian

5. “Take Care” by Beach House

6. “Too Old To Die Young” by Timber Timbre

7. “Blood Moon” by Deer Tick

B Side:

1. “Lives” by Modest Mouse

2. “The Eagle, or The Serpent” by Case Studies

3. “Cruel & Kind” by Gold Leaves

4. “Twins” by Gem Club

5. “The Owl and The Tanager” by Sufjan Stevens

6. “Oil & Lavender” by Nathaniel Rateliff