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"In This Forest" by Erika Ryann

New material from Erika doesn’t come as often as I hunger for it, so it’s a warmth in winter listening to “In This Forest” (UPDATE: as well as “Drunks and Saints”).

We’re still working on organizing Plywood Violins (our label) and Erika’s release is almost ready to go, so get excited.


Written and recorded by yours truly

Finally something new…

We had the longest, hottest summer I have seen at least since I was a child. The weather has finally calmed and with these precious overcast days I am finally driven back to my craft. It’s been a hard year and it has brought out some tendencies within me that I’m not proud of. I don’t mean to be so cynical and at times I try to justify it by declaring myself a realist but altogether it’s just another bad habit. I have too many of those…

But the reasons to quit don’t outnumber all the reasons why…


My Love, On The Anniversary Of Your Birth (and an attempt to promote other photographers (while still glorifying ourselves))


Another UMS has come to pass. It’ll be some time before I can afford to develop those rolls of film, but in the meantime we have the ever-stunning work of Gary Isaacs. I highly recommend checking out his website, and following him on Facebook for a body of work not published anywhere else.

The frame above is a gift. It is a frame to celebrate my muse, Erika Ryann Sedmak's 22nd birthday. Happy birthday, darling. We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.

I recently wrote something about another of Gary’s frames that I think applies here as well:

Another incredible piece by a very benevolent and kind-hearted man, who, as an artist, contends to be my favorite living photographer. I consider him both a friend and (whether or not he knows it) a teacher; studying his art and watching him work constantly pushes me to progress within the form (if only to some day show him frames that I am truly proud of). Thank you, Gary.”

Needless to say, it is more than an honor for Gary to take your portrait. Amazingly, this is the second time (LOOK). Thanks again, Gary.

Part Deux:

Erika recently played a show at the lovely Stephanie Dorman's house, along side Stephanie herself, our dear friends, Poet’s Row, and traveling Austin-native, Picardy III. The show was fantastic and, luckily, documented beautifully by a very sweet man named Lance Ferguson. Being that this is the vanity article that it is, and being that I’d like to start featuring other photographers, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of his frames (specifically ones feature our narcissistic selves).








Thanks again, Lance! We love you, and we think your work is gorgeous.

More photos from far less-talented photographers (who are not my friends) can be found after the jump. They are mostly shit (sorry, Reverb) but I didn’t know where else to put them:

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"Happy Old Year" by Erika Ryann

Her, My Muse

I’m really excited to be publishing a new Erika Ryann track.

I’ll let her speak for herself:


Happy Old Year - Erika Ryann

Written and recorded by Erika Ryann

Just a little something.

I wrote this tonight on my way home from the liquor store.

I had gone on a walk ‘round the neighborhood, past the old structures supposedly haunted from the early 1900’s. They loom above the streets of Cap Hill (Denver), dark and seemingly forbidden as though, as I stand before them, I could never understand the life they have seen. The handles turned and opened doors.

I don’t think they’d understand our lives either. Years come and people go. We find our own ways of dealing with loss, starvation and death and what comes of it is just. us.

I can say it has been one of the best years of my life.

I can say I both look forward to and am intimidated by what is to come.

But, regardless, on we all shall go


to auld lang syne,

Erika Ryann

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Erika Ryann
Eli the Barrow Boy

I’ve never reblogged anything, but had to make an exception to share this with everyone. My love, my muse, my dear Erika Ryann recorded this cover last night and played it for me when I got home from work. I’m still in shock. If you like it, follow her (please?).


Eli the Barrow Boy - Erika Ryann

(original by the Decemberists)

About an hour ago I was bored, waiting for my love to come home, anxious in our dark apartment listening to my Libyan neighbors bicker outside (or maybe it was a friendly conversation - I really couldn’t say). The thought crossed my mind that I hadn’t picked up my guitar in a while.

It has also been a while since I paid any attention to the Decemberists and on a walk the other night I decided I’d like to record my own, homemade version of this song (Eli the Barrow Boy). So I did. Within about an hour. Tonight.

here it is.

 - Erika Ryann