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"Silent From Above" by Mirrorring


from 2012’s Foreign Body, released on Kranky

In the cold of the morning before the sun, wandering a worn roadside path, broken glass and punched out cigarettes, wondering where the bodies in the sparsely-set yet ever-passing cars are going.

To be honest, I’ve really been looking for a way to re-feature Jesy Fortino; I feel relieved to have such a gorgeous way to do so. Mirrorring finds Jesy (Tiny Vipers) collaborating with Liz Harris (Grouper), recording the album together live, allowing the juxtaposition of their two cohesively different sounds merge seamlessly.

I don’t want the following (or preceding) article to take away from Liz Harris in any way. She is an absolutely incredible artist, within several forms. I simply need to take a moment and shine light on an artist that, for various reasons, has meant so much to me these last couple years.

Tiny Vipers was one of the first musicians I interviewed after forming the zine that would eventually become Red Flags of Lost Children. On June 4th, 2010, sitting in a shared apartment in a foreign city, I called Jesy in Seattle and recorded the following piece. Being that we had never met, along with her relative shyness and my relative youth within the form (as well as the fact that I never write questions down before live interviews (I make notes, or form skeleton questions to direct the narrative)), our discussion began slowly. Fortunately, after the first few minutes we both began to ease ourselves into something genuinely interesting. Jesy is an incredibly sweet person, one whose work I admire intensely; I hold this interview, regardless of it’s vague weakness and lack of journalistic depth, dear to me, just as I do her music.

Being that the interview was conducted in response to Sub Pop releasing her last LP, Life on Earth, I’ve decided to feature the album below. Please, if you haven’t, take time to listen through this record a few times in your life.


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