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"You Can Break My Heart" by King Dude

from the You Can Break My Heart 7”, out (but sold out) on Dias Records

The b-side, “Devil’s Tail”:

A song between autumn vespers and the eulogy of winter; a red moon and the lonesome set of footsteps spreading frozen mud across your street. Night continues through your bedroom window. Here I am, lovingly, longingly awake in your sight.

I became aware of this project because of the fantastic people over at Ciaro in Seattle, after they featured KD as the opening track of their Live At Expo 89 cassette. I’d rather not say anything more than that; if you enjoy the music above and below this paragraph (which includes his debut LP), then take the time to read about King Dude, buy everything you can from him, go to his shows, and then go ahead and pre-order his 2nd LP from Dias Records.

Love LP:

Tonight’s Special Death:

My Beloved Ghost EP:

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"Even If We Try" by Night Beds

from the Even If We Try 7”, out now on Dead Oceans

A fragile piece embodying the whispering sight of these yellow-white morning windows. An emptiness in memory, how long it took us to finally close our eyes. How sparse the sound of our beating hearts can be, here in darkness of of this room.

The newest member(s) of the Dead Oceans family, further cementing our admiration for the label.


Hi-Dive Denver

Holga 120N w/ Flash

T-Max 400 (expired)

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"Tuck The Darkness In" by Bowerbirds

from The Clearing, out March 6, 2012 on Dead Oceans


Fuck Yes! I’m so happy right now that all my literary and journalistic ability is rapidly melting away. ( I normally hate using exclamation marks!*). So, now, with no pretense or ornamentation, just fact: A New Bowerbirds Record Is Coming! Finally! And if this first single is any indication, The Clearing is going to be goddamn incredible.

They aren’t coming to Denver, maybe we’ll have to drive out to Chicago or Portland to catch a show.

I love you Beth Tacular. I love you Phil Moore. I love you Bowerbirds. Welcome back.

*( “An exclamation point is like laughing at your own jokes” - F. Scott Fitzgerald! )

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"Technicolor" by Nurses

from Apple’s Acre


Notable Details: Portland trio; signed to Dead Oceans; opened for Tallest Man on Earth; preparing to release a new album (complete with an additional 7-track EP of bedroom recordings).

Sounds like a band I want to like.

And, as it turns out, they’re fantastic, especially when you’re itching for that certain “pop” sound (meaning: especially as Local Natives still refuse to release a second album).

I’ve read the Grizzly Bear x Animal Collective comparison, and, I Get It, but its a weak comparison ultimately. It’s on the right track, but I think it’ll still leave you surprised at what you hear.

Today’s B-side is the new single for their upcoming LP, Dracula:

"Trying to Reach You"