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"In This Forest" by Erika Ryann

New material from Erika doesn’t come as often as I hunger for it, so it’s a warmth in winter listening to “In This Forest” (UPDATE: as well as “Drunks and Saints”).

We’re still working on organizing Plywood Violins (our label) and Erika’s release is almost ready to go, so get excited.


Written and recorded by yours truly

Finally something new…

We had the longest, hottest summer I have seen at least since I was a child. The weather has finally calmed and with these precious overcast days I am finally driven back to my craft. It’s been a hard year and it has brought out some tendencies within me that I’m not proud of. I don’t mean to be so cynical and at times I try to justify it by declaring myself a realist but altogether it’s just another bad habit. I have too many of those…

But the reasons to quit don’t outnumber all the reasons why…


Whiskeyflowers: An Autumnal Folk Tape

Thinking I saw Her face in so many choking crowds in so many weather cities; Thinking I knew her eyes in so many half-lit rooms in so many forgotten buildings. To have believed in Her so many times before such an unnoticed, orange-autumn morning. An unswept courtyard, a detuned piano, and a mutual curiosity.

The fall brings a renewed sense of purpose, another beginning before death. So, comes the patience of making a mixtape, albeit a short one.

The mixtape series is once again.


"Small Hands" - Keaton Henson
"My Silver Hand" - Case Studies
"Barbara Anne" - King Dude
"Name In Stone" - Dead Man’s Bones


"Dreamer" - Tiny Vipers
"Holiday" - Julie Byrne
"Sorry With A Song" - Josh T. Pearson
"Bonfire" - Strands of Oak

"Flatlands" by Chelsea Wolfe

from Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs

A piece for evenings upon the death of summer. The first brisk eve, wandering to or from your apartment. At least and at last there is a sense of movement in me.

Many of the artists featured this month will have branched from one completely unknowing and mostly-unrelated seed: Jesse Lortz. I recently acquired a copy of his poetry/lyric book This Is What Fire Is For, which contained 2 pieces I had never heard in song form. Jesse told me one of them was going to be on his next Case Studies record (“Driving East, And Through Her”), and the other (“A Beast  Have Yet To Find”) I tracked down to Cairo’s (fantastic) “LIVE at EXPO 89” cassette. Said tape opened with King Dude (a very recent feature). In December, Sargent House will release a split 7” between King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe. It’s really that simple. Our next feature(s) will inevitably branch from here, somehow.


The Grime And The Glow:

"You Can Break My Heart" by King Dude

from the You Can Break My Heart 7”, out (but sold out) on Dias Records

The b-side, “Devil’s Tail”:

A song between autumn vespers and the eulogy of winter; a red moon and the lonesome set of footsteps spreading frozen mud across your street. Night continues through your bedroom window. Here I am, lovingly, longingly awake in your sight.

I became aware of this project because of the fantastic people over at Ciaro in Seattle, after they featured KD as the opening track of their Live At Expo 89 cassette. I’d rather not say anything more than that; if you enjoy the music above and below this paragraph (which includes his debut LP), then take the time to read about King Dude, buy everything you can from him, go to his shows, and then go ahead and pre-order his 2nd LP from Dias Records.

Love LP:

Tonight’s Special Death:

My Beloved Ghost EP:

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"This Wreck Is Not A Boat" by Sons of Noel and Adrian

from 2008’s self-titled debut LP

I’m really excited about this band right now; 12-piece experimental, black-folk collective operating out of Brighton, England. The band is part of the larger Wilkommen Collective and contains members of The Leisure Society, Hope of the States, Lightspeed Champion and Shoreline (as well as members of other backing-bands, such as Laura Marling’s). I can’t put up any mp3s to download (because I can’t host anything and nothing is on-line, apparently) but their first LP and two EPs are available digitally via iTunes. As of right now, hard-copies cannot be bought in the states, but I’m told effort is being made to get that going by the time the second LP drops (they told me “hopefully by January”). Regardless, Enjoy; then go buy everything they have and immerse yourself in it.

UPDATE: I just realized you can grab mp3s off of youtube, so here is the link if you want this track, HERE