Drapeaux Rouges Des Enfants Perdus

A Gallery Of Language, Both Heard And Writ.
To Be Shared.
Long Live Plywood Violins
The Red Flags Of Lost Children

Plywood Violins is our new tape label collective. We will be releasing small-press cassettes featuring those who we feel to be the most progressive, independent writers around. This is not a business; this is a collective. We are a family.

And if you’re curious, we split everything 50-50 between the artist and the label, just to keep it fair. All of the “label money” goes into buying more tapes, paint, paper, cloth, cardboard or any other supplies that go into crafting a tape.

Check it out:

We are also starting a press label to focus on poetry/short story chapbooks and photography zines. Submissions are welcome.

We strive to remain a collective built on friendship and mutual appreciation. Usually, this just happens naturally with time, but, if you want to try and facilitate this movement more quickly, you can always send demos to:

Z. Saint James

zsaintjames [at] yahoo.com

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