Drapeaux Rouges Des Enfants Perdus

A Gallery Of Language, Both Heard And Writ.
To Be Shared.
Long Live Plywood Violins
The Red Flags Of Lost Children


(All interviews were written, recorded and transcribed by Z. Saint James.)

E-mail Interviews:

King Dude

You Won’t

"7 Questions" Series:

Mutual Benefit

Mark Sultan

Little Kid

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Gem Club



La Sera

Forest Fire

Gold Leaves

Matthew & The Atlas

Deer Tick (sorta)


Live Interviews:

The Dodos

Dark Dark Dark


Neva Denova


Tiny Vipers

The Lighthouse & The Whaler

Emily Jane White

I was just interviewed for the first time and have thus decided to start a sub-section for my own interview(s?).  I feel much better hiding this stuff, as opposed to making it a separate section. Check it out:

Nope Fun (on Drapeaux)/ Nope Fun (Full Original Publication)

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