Drapeaux Rouges Des Enfants Perdus

A Gallery Of Language, Both Heard And Writ.
To Be Shared.
Long Live Plywood Violins
The Red Flags Of Lost Children

Field Reports

The Field Reports series is an attempt to collect and publish a type of small, completely informal article that I wouldn’t care to print otherwise. These are not examples of great journalism, but I am in no way ashamed of them. These are the ramblings of my still-drunk morning self.

Also, to maintain the feel achieved by the first few, all of which were written in 30-45 minutes, with no additional editing, I have decided to commit to a form of spontaneous, restricted writing. 60 minutes maximum, no additional editing (meaning allowing typographical and grammatical errors), no pre-meditations or post-enhancements, always written the morning after a show. Informal notes, done lovingly towards Kerouac, crawling frightfully from Bukowski.

Fleet Foxes

Deer Tick

Bright Eyes

Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson

Two Gallants (& The Mumlers)

Pearly Gate Music, Nathaniel Rateliff & Miss America

UMS (Day 3)

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