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Drapeaux Rouges Des Enfants Perdus was born with the name “Plywood Violins” in the spring of 2010. It was, and remains, the independent creation of Z. Saint James, an unaccredited and over-opinionated socialist American. Plywood Violins & Red Flags of Lost Children has the simple goal of showcasing art and the love thereof.

This an open, shared community; artists are welcome to contribute in any way, as well as take what they please. If you do take anything, please give something back.

Support artists by buying records, going to shows, wearing their t-shirts, or telling your friends about them and then, later, reminding them repeatedly that you liked that artist before they were popular.

Support great labels.

Support intelligent, community-based galleries.*

With the exception of occasional photographs by friends (such as Erika Ryann or Gary Isaacs), featured videos and, of course, cover art, all work on this site is my own.

Submissions, questions, comments, requests to remove music or any other possible concern can be directed to me in letter-form:

zsaintjames [at] yahoo.com

*Fuck That “Gallery” Shit, or, How To Become A Journalist Overnight:

First, bloggers are journalists. There is absolutely no difference.

Next, respect the public opinion. If you’re unsure of your feelings on a particular artist, especially one you’re hearing for the first time, just look on-line. The blogosphere has surely reached a consensus by now.

LPs take forever to listen to, sometimes even more than an hour. If it’s going to take that long to reach an opinion, you’re already behind the times. Go listen to the single, memorize a factoid about the artist and move on. You like The [Adjective][Animal]s now.

And remember: You don’t care about hype. You genuinely love these artists, as evidenced by your immediate posting of a single upon its release.

Now that you have an opinion, it’s time to start writing. Here are some quick facts to help you stay on track:

Quoting another journalist is lame, but paraphrasing just shows that you did your homework. Good job staying in line, kid.

Quoting an artist’s Twitter feed is perfectly legitimate. Seriously. Why conduct interviews anymore?

Music is only good for like 24, maybe 48 hours, so pay attention to trends. If more than one blog posts a single, then failing to do so as well would show you to be out of touch with the “tastemakers”.  This is very important: Music always sounds best while the artist’s name is still new to you. Familiarity is the death of every great artist.

You’ve probably heard someone say that an artist’s first album is their best. That trend died in the ’90s. Now, when an artist’s first album debuts, its best to be over them already. You really liked that 7” they did for [Some Label That You’ve Never Actually Bought Records From]. Practice: “I was a big fan of that single they posted on soundcloud, but now they’re fucking overhyped”**.

**The phenomenon of “Overhype” is the result of certain people either a) discovering the consensus too late and trying to like that music anyway, b) discovering the consensus and seriously overdoing your shared celebration while its still safe to like something publicly, or, c) taking the time to form an opinion, and genuinely enjoying that music, even going so far as to declare it out loud. These “c)” people are the worst, and should NOT ever, under any circumstance, be considered legitimate members of the journalistic community. Ever.

Now, go get yourself some advertisers, a twitter feed, and an undeserved sense of authority and you’ll be ready to go!

Good luck out there. And remember: Bon Iver’s self-titled LP was definitely, objectively the best album of 2012. We decided. His art is absolutely better than all other people’s art.

If you don’t make music, record music, release music; if you don’t run a label, screenprint posters, or attend/photograph shows; if you receive funding from advertisements and do nothing to bestow those profits back upon the artists who, ultimately, made that money for you; if you create nothing, if you provide nothing, if you support nothing then why should you posses the ability to profit by judging others’ passions on 1-10 scales. Lovingly, Go Fuck Yourselves, Every Last One Of You.

As I recently heard Ian Felice ask a heckler: “What’s your fucking band’s name?”

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